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UK Gambling Industry

For more than two hundreds years people had spent their leisure time practicing their favorite activities of all – gambling, and as the decades flew by more innovations were put by gamblers. These innovations are online casino, mobile gambling devices, and interactive bingo programs on national TV and so on. Today's average gambler is not a fool; he has learned everything he can about his favorite casino games via the Internet or by reading books that were written by professional players.

The gambling industry is not just land based or online casinos, national lottery or bingo halls, today it's an entertainment industry, just like the movies industry, but with one exception – the gambling industry has moral obligations towards its public. While in the US the gambling industry lays dormant for more than two decades, it seems that the UK's gambling industry in alive and kicking more than ever.

Great Britain was always a land of wild nature and gambling, from the days of the Anglo-Saxon tribes to the hard working men of London and Liverpool, gambling had always been a part of the England. There are many evidences that many casino games originated in England. For example, craps, the most popular of the casino games, was invented by knights in the 11th Century. Also, modern baccarat comes from Britain as well.

There are many legends surrounding gambling games in the Anglo-Saxon folklore, but today the UK's gambling industry revolves around more than cash money and legends and if you want to know more about this industry feel free to explore our site. We offer extensive data about casinos in the UK, gambling news and more.


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