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Familiar Casino Jobs

There are websites today which assist people who are seeking career in gambling houses, not as a gambler but an employee. You may wonder what exactly the jobs in gambling houses are.

There are different categories of jobs in gambling houses. You can be part of the team that builds the gambling house, or the one at the backstage, or the one at the floor. What I am going to talk about are the jobs most familiar to you. These are the ones you see at the floor of the gambling houses you visit:

Bingo Callers - they are the ones in charge of the bingo equipment and the drawing of the numbers. They are also the employees who validate if a bingo card of a gambling player really has won. We all know that sometimes, in the excitement of the gambling players, they mark their bingo cards erroneously.

Floor Workers - to make the job easier for bingo callers, floor workers check from time to time if the gambling players are marking their bingo cards correctly. They also assist the gambling players who do not know well how to play bingo.

Cage Cashiers - they are the ones who count the money going in and out of the gambling house. The accounting of a gambling house's money and transactions is very vital in keeping the operations running smoothly. Not just anyone could do this job.

Slot Technicians - they are in charge of the maintenance and fixing of the slot machines at the gambling house. Usually, they are on-call, meaning they do not need to be in the gambling house all the time because slot machines do not break regularly. Ideally, slot technicians should be able to fix things in a breeze because a single slot machine not working is a big loss to the gambling house already.

Security officers - they roam around the gambling house, always making sure that everything's at peace. They also make sure that other gambling house employees, particularly the dealers, are safe from the clutches of frustrated gambling players. They are always on the alert and are quick to spot and respond to commotions. They are also the ones in charge of keeping the money at the gambling house safe.

Surveillance officers - they work hand in hand with the security officers. They serve as their eyes on things that the security cannot readily see. They man the surveillance cameras and look for any commotion or suspicious actions in the gambling house.


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