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Representative Jon Porter of Nevada to Visit Isle of Man

Representative Jon Porter of Nevada confirms that he will visit soon the Isle of Man (IOM).

IOM is a self governing kingdom that allows the regulation of online gambling.

According to the congressman, his visit intends to learn more about how the Isle of Man is regulating the online gambling industry.

However, the representative said that he is waiting for the Senate move about whether it will pass the Internet gambling bill that the U.S House of Representatives had passed in July.

Representative Porter said that the Congress's move to ban internet gambling will not eradicate the online gambling industry entirely and with the twelve billion dollar industry should be regulated as most of the revenues are from the U.S.

In his attempt to regulate the online gambling, he introduced a bill last May that calls for an eighteen month study of online gambling will be done by a federal committee.

The bill Porter has introduced had forty nine co-sponsors.

Porter had introduced the bill after he met on July 19 in Washington with three officials from the Isle of Man.

He is hoping an Isle of Man taxpayer funded trip will include other representatives of the U.S congress.

The secondary purpose of the visit to Isle of Man is to include a study on the impact of online gambling to children.


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