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How to Spot and Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Because of the virtual nature of online casinos, you need not worry about your physical safety: you could not fall victim in a stick-up, mugging, pick pocketing, etc. However, safety is still an utmost priority. Since one would be transacting money only via the internet and not personally, it is easy to be swindled and left with your skyrocketing credit card bills.

A valid danger one should worry about when playing online is the existence of rogue casinos. A rogue online casino is a phony or fake online casino. These casinos do offer online games, but they do not follow proper online casino behavior.

Most often, rogue casinos could be identified by their bad service upon the request of payout. These online casinos fail to cash out a player's winnings. They often give the silly excuse of the cash out still being processed even after some weeks. The worst excuse is that they sent a check through the mail, so it is the postal service's fault that it has not yet arrived.

You certainly don't want to play in these filthy online casinos. Here are a few simple tips you could use to spot and avoid rogue casinos.

1. Visit the casino's website

It is good to check out reviews, but do not stop there. Check the online casino's website out. Pay special attention to their terms and conditions. Do not miss the part about their policy for cashing out. If they have an obscure policy, never let them touch your money.

If the site looks a bit unprofessional (e.g. bad layout, broken links), then the people behind it would most probably be unprofessional too.

2. Spend time to contact them via email

Inquire about the most important things: cashing out, claiming your winnings, bonuses. This would be a good way to check out the promptness of their service. If the casino has a good customer support, you will most likely have an answer within 24 to 48 hours. If not, then forget about playing there.

3. Contact people who have experienced playing there

Join casino and gambling forums and ask people about the online casino in which you want to play. It would be good if you find someone who has played there already, especially if they have cashed out. Ask them about their good and bad experiences with the site.

Remember, the safety of your money is your responsibility. This holds true especially for online casinos. Avoid rogue casinos by visiting your prospective casino's website, contacting their support via email, and collecting feedback from other people. Keep your money away from rogue online casinos.


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