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UK Casinos

"Britain is the most attractive destination for poker tournaments at the moment. We like the work ethic and the British people have a much greater propensity to gamble than in the United States", said Allan Solomon, the executive vice president of Isle of Capri, a gambling company that would be responsible of building and operating the new super-casinos of the UK.

The gambling industry of the UK is ready for moving to the next level, but with it there are many problems needed to be debated, such as age restriction and gambling problems. Though the gambling industry had already faced such problems the new super-casino are expected to cause such problems to worsen.

Scott Peeves, a respectable lawyer of New Casino Company, is quite sure that the new super-casinos wouldn't cause such dramatic effects on the gambling population, but he is concerned about handling of such cases by governments: "The government does not have a clue how to deal with gambling problems, we offered to take the matter into our hands by donating more than half of our revenues to help these people, but we were turned down by governments' officials!". For now, it is unclear whether the super-casinos would cause any problems, but there is a heavy concern all over UK's gambling industry. For more information search our site for additional articles.


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