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UK Gambling News

The future of the gambling industry in the UK is about to become bright and shiny as the new Gambling Bill would be inserted in the nest few months. Though in the past most of the British governments were opposing any gambling activity, now it is a time of acceptances for gambling were and will be a part of the British life.

In the near future new super-casinos would be built in resorts. These would offer 24 hour leisure activities. The government had agreed that these super-casinos would be able to put up to 1,250 slots in their premises, and this is just one out of many new services that would be put to use by these super-casinos.

The Gambling Act would also create a new regulator – the Gambling Commission, a new institute never to be seen by UK's gamblers. The Gambling Commission would be in charge of making sure that all authorized gambling activities would be fair. Also, the Gambling Commission would be responsible of fighting against any negative results of the gambling industry, such as gambling problems and criminal activities.


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